Drone Trips

We love to explore places, regions, countries. Doing this with our drone makes even more fun. We are in love with the bird-eye view. It is so nice to see all these interesting landscapes from above. So take a look at our discoveries and read where we have been so far.

How to relax and enjoy leisure time at the Ada beach in Ghana

In this blogpost we will show you why you should go for a weekend getaway from Accra to Ada. In just a very short read you will find out what is special about this place and how it’s the best way to relax there.

Ada, Ghana, www.travelbees.de
Beach time in Ada, Ghana
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10 most convenient hacks to pimp up your road trip through WA

When you go to Western Australia (WA) you have to rent a camper and do a road trip. That is of course also what we did. We drove from Perth to Denham and back in nine days. In this blogpost you will find out about everything you need to know how to pimp your road trip and the route we took.

Road Trip - West Australia - travelbees.de
Road Trip West Australia
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5 of the most amazing drone spots at the West Coast of Australia

Of course we took our “Flybee” (DJI Mavic Pro 2) on our adventurous road trip through Western Australia (WA) and it couldn’t have been more amazing. We experienced overwhelming landscapes and found amazing places to fly the drone. In this blogpost we will show you our five best drone spots on Australia’s West Coast. So buckle up and stay tuned - this area of the world is just amazing!

Road Trip - Australia - Dronephotography - travelbees.de
Together on the road - Travelbees in WA
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Road trip through amazing Mongolia to the Gobi desert

We did it. We went on an incredible road trip in Mongolia. By ourselves and without driver but with a tent, a cooker and a drone. We survived Gobi, worst roads ever, an intense snow storm and some of the strongest rains we’ve had so far. The good news is that we loved our trip. Such mesmerizing landscapes, all the wild animals and friendly nomads. A road trip of a lifetime and some of our best photos and videos ever! Find out more in this blogpost.

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Christmas and New Year under palms

Have you been in a foreign country during Christmas and New Year? We think a lot of people do that but we actually never have done it before. To have a “hot” sunny Christmas and New Year was a wish we always had. In this blog post you will find out how we celebrated Christmas in an “only adults” resort, what Anna’s best ever Christmas gift from Nils was and how she ruined New Year.

Christmas New Year Philippines Palms travelbees.de
Christmas and New Year under palms at the Philippines
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Road trip through amazing Kyrgyzstan

We really liked our time in this rough but beautiful country. Landscapes that blow your mind, friendly people and an interesting capital Bishkek. Kyrgyzstan has the second biggest mountain lake in the world and a lot to offer for tourists and travelers. We had a wonderful time on our intense road trip. 

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A crazy road trip through beautiful Southern Kazakhstan and Almaty

We travelled from the new capital Astana to the former capital Almaty by train for 24h - from the north to the south of Kazakhstan. In the south we went for a road trip to some beautiful places and found out that the country has a lot to offer - if you can go there. With mixed feelings and an early cancellation we experienced our road trip and the south of Kazakhstan.

In this blogpost you will find out if we liked Almaty and why our tour through the south of this country was an odyssey for us.

Kolsai Lake - Kazakhstan - travelbees.de
Kolsai Lake - Kazakhstan
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Road trip through beautiful Albania

Albania is one of the most beautiful countries we have ever been to. Its nature is incredible and the landscapes often have a sense of exotic and peacefulness. We travelled around for one week in Albania. From Tirana we started to the west coast, then to the south, the east and back. Unforgettable moments! In this blogpost we will give you the highlights of our road trip about landscapes, people and special accommodations.

Road trip in Albania - Travelbees
Road trip in Albania - Nils & Anna
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Budva and Sveti Stefan – Pearls at the Adriatic Coast in Montenegro

For a short stopover we went to Budva and of course, if you are already in that region, also to Sveti Stefan. In the early morning we were able to catch some nice aerials of this place and later even discovered a location with a superb view, away from all the touristic noise. We will tell you where this place is in this short blogpost.

Sveti Stefan - Montenegro - Travelbees
Sveti Stefan - Montenegro
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Drone Trip in Bosnia and Herzegovina

We rent a car for a day trip to get out of Sarajevo a little bit. With our smart and lovely Dutch friends Lieke and Veerle we went to the National Park Sutjeska. Because we had a great time there and the landscape of Bosnia and Herzegovina impressed us pretty much we will share some aerials in this blogpost with you. With not much words about it we will invite you to fly with us and our dji Marvic Pro drone - called “Flybee”. Enjoy!

Sutjeska National Park - Bosnia and Herzegovina - Travelbees
On our way to Sutjeska National Park in Bosnia and Herzegovina
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16 ideas for special moments in the middle of nowhere - to embrace balance and happiness

16 ideas for special moments that you can do to embrace balance and happiness. We love to travel! We seek for new adventures, new countries and new experiences. But sometimes, we seek a special place we already know. A place that we love and where we exactly know the destination. It is not an adventure then, it is happiness and embracing balance in nutshell.

Travelbees Sweden Travelcouple
Relaxation somewhere in Nowhere
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