Our tips for good packing

Our tips for better equipment and lighter luggage. We learned step by step how to decrease weight and have better products with us!

Merino wool

Merino wool is the best! It is a natural high tech product. You can wear it for at least two days and it keeps you warm when it is cold and fresh when it is hot. A dream and very convenient when you travel for a long period of time. Even though it costs a lot we think it is worth because you safe weight and need to buy less clothes. We highly recommend ICEBREAKER which produces sustainable and under fair labor conditions.

A water purifier

A water purifier is one of our best investments we have ever made. Three reasons why: 1. It really saves the environment. Imagine you need two bottles a day per person. You will safe more than 700 plastic bottles in only one year! 2. You carry less! Because you can always refill. You really buy flexibility! We normally have both one big bottle and sometimes a small one because we got it anyway. 3. It is always a nice opener for conversations. People are way more interested in our device than we thought. And you can spread the word about plastic waste issues in an easy way :-)

Small and Big Backpack

Small and Big Backpack. With this you have the flexibility to do short trips, buy your food etc. without the need of carrying the big one all the time. And you have more space for your beloved things.

The onion principle

The onion principle. We think it makes sense to have many layers of clothes you can wear. It makes your travel life way easier. And you can find the perfect fit for different temperatures, windy situations, wet moments and more. And you don’t need to bring really heavy clothes like a big sweater.

Travel pharmacy

Travel pharmacy is something that makes sense to have. Find a good balance between must haves like pavings and some pain killers as well as regional needed medicine or things you need because you know your body has a weakness when it comes to something specific like diarrhea, dry eyes or megrim.Our experience: You can take a little less than you normally do. It will be enough!

Travel journey

Travel journey where you can write down your costs and of course your inspirations and travel insights. Finding one that really suits you takes time but it is worth it. We recommend the Paperblanks books, thick pages and a hardcover which protects the pages.

Zip bags

Zip bags Put the different sort of items like shirts etc. in different Zipper bags. Doing this makes it way easier to keep your stuff in order and it stays clean for a long time!

Laundry Bag

Laundry Bag For us it’s important to separate the “fresh” clothes to them we already wear and couldn’t wash already. For that we have a special bag.


With packing and repacking it’s the same than with all other routines – you get better the more often you do it. We for example send some things home after realizing that we did not need them. We bought a few things we did not have before and really needed or wanted. We missed some things from our nice to have list but were too greedy to buy them a second time (which means they are not important enough). These items will make you happier and last longer.