Special Offsides

We love to be in nature! Finding special places, stay there and embracing the moment. Doing that gives us peace, energy and strength at the same time. So we decided to start sharing our experiences with you. Maybe it can inspire you to find your own special offside.

How to relax and enjoy leisure time at the Ada beach in Ghana

In this blogpost we will show you why you should go for a weekend getaway from Accra to Ada. In just a very short read you will find out what is special about this place and how it’s the best way to relax there.

Ada, Ghana, www.travelbees.de
Beach time in Ada, Ghana
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Christmas and New Year under palms

Have you been in a foreign country during Christmas and New Year? We think a lot of people do that but we actually never have done it before. To have a “hot” sunny Christmas and New Year was a wish we always had. In this blog post you will find out how we celebrated Christmas in an “only adults” resort, what Anna’s best ever Christmas gift from Nils was and how she ruined New Year.

Christmas New Year Philippines Palms travelbees.de
Christmas and New Year under palms at the Philippines
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16 ideas for special moments in the middle of nowhere - to embrace balance and happiness

16 ideas for special moments that you can do to embrace balance and happiness. We love to travel! We seek for new adventures, new countries and new experiences. But sometimes, we seek a special place we already know. A place that we love and where we exactly know the destination. It is not an adventure then, it is happiness and embracing balance in nutshell.

Travelbees Sweden Travelcouple
Relaxation somewhere in Nowhere
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