Here you can find insights about our experiences and enjoy what we produced for your inspiration. We just wanted to cross the country of our travel list but it became one of the most interesting countries we have ever been to. The nature, the people, the opportunities - we are a bit in love with mesmerizing Australia.

10 most convenient hacks to pimp up your road trip through WA

When you go to Western Australia (WA) you have to rent a camper and do a road trip. That is of course also what we did. We drove from Perth to Denham and back in nine days. In this blogpost you will find out about everything you need to know how to pimp your road trip and the route we took.

Road Trip - West Australia -
Road Trip West Australia
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5 of the most amazing drone spots at the West Coast of Australia

Of course we took our “Flybee” (DJI Mavic Pro 2) on our adventurous road trip through Western Australia (WA) and it couldn’t have been more amazing. We experienced overwhelming landscapes and found amazing places to fly the drone. In this blogpost we will show you our five best drone spots on Australia’s West Coast. So buckle up and stay tuned - this area of the world is just amazing!

Road Trip - Australia - Dronephotography -
Together on the road - Travelbees in WA
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