Drone offers

Drone Jobs by travelbees - Take beautiful pictures while droning

We love to invest in 'wow' pictures for your property!

Your House

We take 'wow' pictures for you! That is all that matters. And it will be beautiful!

Your Landscape

We show your surrounding from above. Reveal the beauty of nature!

Your Story

We help you tell a story. About beauty and comfort, about desire and meaning!

Feedback from our Clients

'Thank you so much for the great pictures! It was our pleasure to host you.'

Alexandra - www.whiteresidence.com

'You both are so great! You have done an excellent work. Thank you!'

Joleza - www.meriboutique.al

 'Thank you very much! The photos are beautiful! I really like them so much!'

Lori - Villa Alba

Car Cooperations

We strive for amazing pictures - to help you gain more clients! We work with you on an individualized strategy in order to understand what you really want!

The power of the first impression

Your pictures need to be powerful, beautiful and strong! Create impressions where people get curious and gain for more! We help you use the potential of your place! 

We travel, take these pictures and help you to get more visitors and clients. On top we promote you on our travel blog. You get our support and as a result beautiful pictures! Tell us what you wish for and we will make it happen. Unless it rains the whole days. Which never happened before :-)