Budva and Sveti Stefan – Pearls at the Adriatic Coast in Montenegro

For a short stopover we went to Budva and of course, if you are already in that region, also to Sveti Stefan. In the early morning we were able to catch some nice aerials of this place and later even discovered a location with a superb view, away from all the touristic noise. We will tell you where this place is in this short blogpost.

Sveti Stefan - Montenegro - Travelbees
Sveti Stefan - Montenegro

Sveti Stefan

This place is quite touristic. We decided to go there in the early morning, we arrived before sunrise. It was still quiet and we enjoyed the perfect view on the little island Sveti Stefan. There are a few little churches on the island, including the church of holy Stefan (Sveti Stefan). In the 1950ies the whole island was renovated and became a hotel island with around 250 beds. There is a little dam you can take to go to the island.


The city Budva, beautifully located at the Adriatic Coast, is THE city where all the Montenegro people go in summer. It is not too far away from the capital Podgorica, so even for a day trip many people are coming. Budva is on of the oldest cities at the Adria at all, that was probably built 2500 years ago. 1979 the city was almost completely destroyed by a tremendous earthquake and rebuilt afterwards. Nowadays Budva is known as a convenient place for bathing, nightlife and shopping. We did not really like the city that much. The surroundings were way more interesting for us. Only really beautiful thing we can recommend to see is the old town, built in the 15th century. Many small alleys, tasty food and nice little shops. We also had some musicians following us while playing, which was funny in a way.

The little church at the end of the street

We are always looking for special places where we can go and to find quiet happiness. This place is one of these places. We came there after visiting Sveti Stefan, so it was still in the morning and the sun was just above the mountains behind us. A perfect scene for the heart and for the drone as well. But first we had to eat something, we started in the early morning without breakfast, so this was a perfect place for a picnic. Looking down from high above on the Island Sveti Stefan and enjoying pure silence – herrlich - dreamy!

It seems to us, that the church was built only a few years ago. But we aren’t sure. Everything looks so new here. It is a little bit a taff road, especially, when you come with a small scooter. But we managed to come there anyway. From the main road you have to take the street to the village Radenovići and then always straight ahead and not to the new residential area. We were amazed by the view and enjoyed our time here to the fullest. One of the highlights of Montenegro for us!

From above by our flybee

Adria in Montenegro in a nutshell

For us it was a nice experience at the Adria, due to the fact that we rented a scooter and drove around. Only staying in Budva is for nature lovers not the best idea. For sunbathing types of people or night live enthusiasts it may be the perfect place to be! The landscapes at Montenegro's Adria are incredibly beautiful. Especially when you go a bit more to the countryside or to small beaches. We would recommend it here more as a stopover and less as a holiday place.

What we would do different next time

Definitely find a place in a smaller village somewhere around Budva. Then you get a more vivid experience about cultural life as at the Sea. Accommodation is cheaper then as well as food.

In the early morning the air is still a bit breezy. Don’t forget something warm for the start, especially when you take a scooter.

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    Tina (Dienstag, 25 September 2018 18:10)

    Was für spannender Ort, fast magisch dort auf dem Berg.
    Weiter so und viel Spaß bei euren Abenteuern!!!