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Traveling the world and work on all the blog posts, videos and more is quite expensive as you can imagine and brings a lot of work, effort and of course also fun. We are always happy when people support us. This can happen in different ways. Anyway - any kind of support makes us happy and we hope that we can inspire you with new stories and discovered insights for your own adventure as long as we can! We are willing to do so, let's see how everything will work out...

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Patreon is a website where creative people like us can get support by people. You can decide if you want to buy us a coffee, help us get to more inspiring places or even enable us to get better video equipment. Feel free to take a look, we would be very pleased for your help and trust in us:

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We write about our travel and life experiences anyway. Even better than doing this just on our blog is when we have the chance to contribute to an online platform, newspaper, magazine, podcast. So if you can connect us it would mean the world to us! 

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We love cooperations, getting promotions and sponsoring. We know that we are still in ur growing phase - but isn't it the best time for all of this? We already had cooperations with hotels, car rentals like Sixt and private villa drone shootings. So feel free to reach out to us and let's discuss what we can do together. Only note here: Keep our travel code of conduct in mind! We want to make the world a better, not a worse place!

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