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Humbling time in the Rwandan capital Kigali

Of course we heard about Rwanda before going there. The only thing we heard for a long time was about the Genocide. It makes you speechless when you learn more about it - and not in a good way of course. It was really cruel 100 days in the history of mankind. Of course it has it’s history and there were cruelties before - but the 100 days of the Genocide, when the world looked away and the people were left to themselves would change the course of this country forever. In our first blog post we write about all the beautiful things that are happening in the Rwanda. This blog post is about the past and how we can deal with it in the present.

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Is Rwanda the cleanest country in Africa?

The capital of Rwanda is called Kigali. This city is so different to all other cities we have seen in Africa so far. Is Kigali a safe place to visit and should you ask the people about the Genocide in the 90ties? Will Rwanda become the Singapore of Africa? And is it really cleaner here than in other countries in Africa? With these questions we booked our flight to Kigali. In these two blog posts about Kigali you can read all about our insights and experiences.

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