Packing list for City Trips

A city trip is defined by a shorter trip between two and 5 days to one city. It gives you a perfect first impression of a city even though you have not much time to really explore everything. Especially for such a short time you want to have the perfect luggage with you. Often you will only have cabin luggage with you which means you have to pack clever!

Here are our top four questions which helps you to find perfect items for the city trip.

  • What are basics I need anyway?
  • What are more specific items I need for certain activities, regions?
  • What are extras/ gadgets which makes my city trip way nicer?
  • What are nice to have items that I can add if I still have enough space in my luggage?

We differentiated between basic and specific items, extras and nice to have's. With that is should be easier to decide yourself!

Basics on the packing list for city trips

  • Underwear
  • Something elegant to wear
  • Something relaxing to wear
  • Shoes you can explore the city with
  • Shoes that make you feel beautiful
  • Hygiene articles
  • Sunglasses and sun creme
  • Smartphone with local maps and maybe apps

Specific items on the packing list for city trips

  • A certain dress
  • Themed outfit
  • Camera
  • Gopro
  • Drone (if allowed)
  • Sleeping mask

Extras on the packing list for city trips

  • Games
  • Certain food you need
  • City Guide
  • Blister paving
  • earplugs
  • headpiece

Nice to have’s on the packing list

  • Extra clothes
  • Extra shoes
  • Umbrella
  • A box for delicious leftovers

Some tips and tricks for city trips

  • Normally it is no problem to have a handbag. Use that one! You will have some extra space!
  • Heavy clothes like jackets or sweaters should be either worn or held in our hand. Saves a lot of space in your luggage
  • You can bring an empty bottle to the airport. You are allowed to keep it and you can refill it on almost any airport nowadays.
  • Inform yourself about the place you stay – what do they offer you anyway? You can keep way more things at home than you think, saves a lot of space in your luggage!
  • Take a look upfront on travel blogs. Quite often you can rent bikes for little money to explore the city faster than by foot but you need to register first.
  • Try out a well balanced approach of following recommendations and finding spontaneous a restaurant, bar etc.
  • Try to figure out before you book in which area of the city you will have the most joy. There you should stay in order to make life easier and you stay more pleasant.
  • Ask yourself the question what you need in order to have a great time! For us it is quite often the mixture of trying out (cheap) street food and (more exclusive and expensive) restaurants. But we would really miss something if we would only go to fancy restaurants and it would get even more expensive.
  • Ask people where the local people love to eat. That is often the best food!

Anything you miss that we need to add? Please contact us!


Soon we will upload a PDF with a check list for your next trip!