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Finally we started our worldtrip

Workcation in Tirana

Our arrival in Tirana, Albania after Montenegro was far different than we expected. In preparation of Albania we saw a great documentary about it. So we were a little bit affected by that and expected stunning nature instead of a busy capital. However we spent two weeks there equally busy like the city itself.

Workcation in Tirana - Nils & Anna -
Workcation in Tirana - Nils & Anna
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Road trip through beautiful Albania

Albania is one of the most beautiful countries we have ever been to. Its nature is incredible and the landscapes often have a sense of exotic and peacefulness. We travelled around for one week in Albania. From Tirana we started to the west coast, then to the south, the east and back. Unforgettable moments! In this blogpost we will give you the highlights of our road trip about landscapes, people and special accommodations.

Road trip in Albania - Travelbees
Road trip in Albania - Nils & Anna
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Budva and Sveti Stefan – Pearls at the Adriatic Coast in Montenegro

For a short stopover we went to Budva and of course, if you are already in that region, also to Sveti Stefan. In the early morning we were able to catch some nice aerials of this place and later even discovered a location with a superb view, away from all the touristic noise. We will tell you where this place is in this short blogpost.

Sveti Stefan - Montenegro - Travelbees
Sveti Stefan - Montenegro
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Most unknown capital in Europe - Podgorica

Podgorica is different to all other capital cities that we have seen so far. We still think it is worth going there. In this blog-post we will tell you why. So what to expect from a city, when you have no expectations? 9 Reasons to go to Podgorica anyway!

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Drone Trip in Bosnia and Herzegovina

We rent a car for a day trip to get out of Sarajevo a little bit. With our smart and lovely Dutch friends Lieke and Veerle we went to the National Park Sutjeska. Because we had a great time there and the landscape of Bosnia and Herzegovina impressed us pretty much we will share some aerials in this blogpost with you. With not much words about it we will invite you to fly with us and our dji Marvic Pro drone - called “Flybee”. Enjoy!

Sutjeska National Park - Bosnia and Herzegovina - Travelbees
On our way to Sutjeska National Park in Bosnia and Herzegovina
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Unexspected staycation in Sarajevo

Sarajevo is the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina and a city full of surprises, intense history and very welcoming people. We ate a lot, drank strong coffee and had heart-warming meetings with the locals. In this blog-post we will share out insides about our 10 days Sarajevo staycation with you.

Unexpected Sarajevo - Nils and Anna - Travelbees
Unexpected Sarajevo - Nils and Anna - Travelbees
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3 reasons for Split in Croatia

The first city of the Croatian coast that we visited on our world trip was Split. It’s famous for the old town centre which was one of the film locations of “Game of Thrones”, but it is also known for its modern atmosphere. Why you should go to the second largest town in Croatia you will find out in this blogpost.

Split - Marjan Forest Park - Croatia - travelbees
Split - Marjan Forest Park - Croatia
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Why you should stay in Zagreb for the weekend

From Ljubljana to Zagreb - our third stop on our world trip was the capital of Croatia. We just stayed for the weekend and only had a quick glimpse of this manifold city. In this blogpost you will find out what we did in Zagreb and why we would love to come back again.

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Wonderful Ljubljana!

The Slovenian capital Ljubljana was our second stop on our world trip. What to do there, where to eat or drink and how to spend a very nice time in this beautiful city, you will find out in this blogpost. So, get a glimpse of how wonderful Ljubljana really is and why it’s totally worth it to travel there.

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Why Munich was the best first stop for the start of our world trip

“You will go on a world trip? What will be your first stop?” This was the question nearly everyone asked us before we started from our hometown Hamburg. Our answer was: “Yes we will! And our first stop will be a very exotic one - Munich!”. (Big laugh) Why we chose this kind of start for our world trip and how it worked out, you can read in the following blog post.

Travelbees World trip begins
World trip begins
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16 ideas for special moments in the middle of nowhere - to embrace balance and happiness

16 ideas for special moments that you can do to embrace balance and happiness. We love to travel! We seek for new adventures, new countries and new experiences. But sometimes, we seek a special place we already know. A place that we love and where we exactly know the destination. It is not an adventure then, it is happiness and embracing balance in nutshell.

Travelbees Sweden Travelcouple
Relaxation somewhere in Nowhere
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Our top 11 places in Budapest for Food and Drinks

We went to Budapest with high expectations towards food but we didn’t know that the cuisine would top them. We are amazed by the eating options and can highly recommend going there to fill your belly with awesomeness. What we didn’t know: the wine in hungary is very delicious, too. Way better than expected. Due to this we decided to write a blog article only about eating and drinking in budapest because we think it is definitely worth it! In this article we present you our top 11 places to go. One huge tip up front: staying in the Jewish quarter means that you are in the middle of all the good restaurants and bars. It is really THE place to stay.

Budapest - Food and Drinks - travelbees
Budapest - Food and Drinks
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Our top 7 stays in Sri Lanka in a sketch

Do you want to know where to stay in Sri Lanka and why Sri Lanka is always a good choice to travel? Take a look at this blogpost and you will find seven beautiful places on the pearl of the Indian Sea. We also made a sketch about each accommodation we can recommend - so you can throw a glance at this charming place and the story behind it.

Sri Lanka - Accommodations in sketchnotes Travelbees
Sri Lanka - Accommodations in sketchnotes
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Relaxation in the south – Tangalle in Sri Lanka

Tangalle is a place on earth, where you want to stay for a longer period of time. Because here you can feel good and enjoy life. Period. Long yellow beaches, palm trees, tasty food in beach restaurants, endless views over the ocean. Here are our top recommendations on what  to do. Tangalla is located in the very south of Sri Lanka.

Beautiful beach in tangalle - sri lanka - travelbees blog
Beautiful beach in tangalle - sri lanka
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Maldives - Are the local islands dreamy?

Do you picture a small white-sandy island with three palmtrees on it? Surrounded by the azure-colored Indian ocean? That’s the image of the typical tourist island, where the big resorts are. But a native (or local) Maldive islands, where the local people live, can teach you a new view and deeper insight of an underestimated speckle on this earth.

Deserted island - Maldives - travelbees - blog
Deserted island - Maldives
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