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Maldives - Are the local islands dreamy?

Do you picture a small white-sandy island with three palmtrees on it? Surrounded by the azure-colored Indian ocean? That’s the image of the typical tourist island, where the big resorts are. But a native (or local) Maldive islands, where the local people live, can teach you a new view and deeper insight of an underestimated speckle on this earth.

Deserted island - Maldives - travelbees - blog
Deserted island - Maldives
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Why it is always a good choice to travel through Sri Lanka

Traveling through Sri Lanka is a nice experience. Beautiful landscapes everywhere, super delicious food, very friendly people and beaches where you would like to stay forever. Sri Lanka is the relaxed drop next to india, enjoy it and feel good!

green Tea estate Sri Lanka - Travelbees
Tea estate on our way from Kandy to Haputale
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