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We are Anna and Nils - we are happy that you found your way through the chaotic web to our website! We were on a world trip. Right now in Europe, working on the raw material to show it to you. Pleas enjoy our blogposts, pictures and other insights.

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Get inspired with impulses for your next adventure & lifestyle. We're striving for adventurous challenges on the way, exclusive stays to embrace the good in life, staying humbled by the privilege that we can actually do this!

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5 places in Dubai with a heartbeat and soul

The most asked question we got about Dubai was if the city has a soul and if it’s worth to go there. Our answer is: Yes, it is! In Dubai you can find places with an Arabic heartbeat and soul if you are willing to look out for it. Here are our 5 favorite places in Dubai to visit when you are not interested in shopping.

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10 most convenient hacks to pimp up your road trip through WA

When you go to Western Australia (WA) you have to rent a camper and do a road trip. That is of course also what we did. We drove from Perth to Denham and back in nine days. In this blogpost you will find out about everything you need to know how to pimp your road trip and the route we took.

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