App's we recommend for travels

 This of course depends highly on where you go and what you do.  We realized that it is completely fine to also pay money for an app that will support us and make life easier. Paying a few dollars should not be a problem in this case and will be worth it!

Here is our list of app's we use during our travels

  • Google maps (is just the past one and you can download offline apps))
  • Mapsme (for all the places, where google maps doesn’t work)
  • Google drive (Easiest way to safe your digital ideas, numbers, pictures etc.)
  • Uber (If a country has it it was great)
  • Booking (just the biggest booking website)
  • Airbnb (our favorite to feel like home in a city you don’t know)
  • MyWährung (A currency calculator)
  • Photoshop Express (just better than the standard programs)
  • Spotify (Everybody needs an awesome travel soundtrack at some point)
  • Audible (Perfect for audio books)
  • Couchsurfing (Maybe the best way to connect with locals)
  • Shazam (There is this song and you want to know the name)
  • Netflix (there will be rainy days or loooong train tides)
  • Prime Video (works really well, you need amazon prime for that)
  • VPN client (Tunnelbaer, VPNexpress, Tor)
  • Credit card app (to see what is going on with your money)
  • Lonely planet Guides (you can download them as well)
  • Funcard App (for sending a postcard no matter where you are with a personal picture)


Is there an app that you really miss on our page? Feel free to write us, we are always open and curious about additional apps which makes the travelers life more fun, relaxing and exciting!