Bosnia Herzegovina

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Drone Trip in Bosnia and Herzegovina

We rent a car for a day trip to get out of Sarajevo a little bit. With our smart and lovely Dutch friends Lieke and Veerle we went to the National Park Sutjeska. Because we had a great time there and the landscape of Bosnia and Herzegovina impressed us pretty much we will share some aerials in this blogpost with you. With not much words about it we will invite you to fly with us and our dji Marvic Pro drone - called “Flybee”. Enjoy!

Sutjeska National Park - Bosnia and Herzegovina - Travelbees
On our way to Sutjeska National Park in Bosnia and Herzegovina
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Unexspected staycation in Sarajevo

Sarajevo is the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina and a city full of surprises, intense history and very welcoming people. We ate a lot, drank strong coffee and had heart-warming meetings with the locals. In this blog-post we will share out insides about our 10 days Sarajevo staycation with you.

Unexpected Sarajevo - Nils and Anna - Travelbees
Unexpected Sarajevo - Nils and Anna - Travelbees
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