We are Travelbees

We love to explore, to see the world and to dive deep into new adventures. Since may 2018 we are now on our world trip, starting with eastern Europe, Georgia, Stan Countries, Mongolia, China and then going further south-east step by step. We choose the slow traveling approach which means we try to take buses, trains, boats etc as often as possible


We also work on our trip. We call it #modernworktour. We enable startups and companies to get more innovative. We enable them in leadership and soft skill topics and have many knowledge-exchanges around the world. With this we connect with so many local like-minded people wherever we go!


We are curious what the earth has to offer. We seek inspiration and love meeting new people and discover new places. The world is big and beautiful. Our goal is to travel it  in a respectful way and to cherish what we have. Our potential is so much bigger than we often realize. Let’s use it, let’s embrace the adventure.

Hamburg is our beehive. From here we fly out. Wanna follow? Get in contact: info@travelbees.de


Anna is passionate about writing and reading. She works as a softskill lecturer and change enabler and writing coach in Germany and abroad. She loves green fashion, capoeira workouts and long yoga sessions on the beach and will hopefully get better at running someday ;-) . If you wanna bring a smile to her face, prepare a fresh fruit juice or a delicious smoothie for her. Anna has lived in Poland, Germany and Italy. Who know’s what will come next.



Instagram: annasworldtrip

Twitter: staniaanna

Work: Mowomind


Nils loves philosophical discussions and the beauty of deserted landscapes. He works as a personal coach, leadership enabler and lecturer in international contexts and as an expert for innovative ways of working. Nils is passionate about travel gadgets, the power of improvements and composing his own songs. To bring a smile to his face, all he needs is a good banana milkshake and an exquisite meal full of powerful flavours. Nils has lived in Norway and Germany and would like to live in Scandinavia or Canada for a few years.


Instragram: nilsploration

Twitter: schnellus



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