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06. Oktober 2017
Best places to stay in Sri Lanka. Do you want to know where to stay in Sri Lanka and why Sri Lanka is always a good choice to travel? Take a look at this blogpost and you will find seven beautiful places on the pearl of the Indian Sea. We also made a sketch about each accommodation we can recommend - so you can throw a glance at this charming place and the story behind it.
24. Juli 2017
Tangalle is a place on earth, where you want to stay for a longer period of time. Because here you can feel good and enjoy life. Period. Long yellow beaches, palm trees, tasty food in beach restaurants, endless views over the ocean. Here are our top recommendations on what to do!
28. April 2017
Traveling through Sri Lanka is a nice experience. Beautiful landscapes everywhere, super delicious food, very friendly people and beaches where you would like to stay forever. Sri Lanka is the relaxed drop next to india, enjoy it and feel good!