5 of the most amazing drone spots at the West Coast of Australia

Of course we took our “Flybee” (DJI Mavic Pro 2) on our adventurous road trip through Western Australia (WA) and it couldn’t have been more amazing. We experienced overwhelming landscapes and found amazing places to fly the drone. In this blogpost we will show you our five best drone spots on Australia’s West Coast. So buckle up and stay tuned - this area of the world is just amazing!

Road Trip - Australia - Dronephotography - travelbees.de
Together on the road - Travelbees in WA

small Lagoon

The small lagoon is just five minutes from Denham. If you don’t want to visit the Francois Peron National Park (tires need to be flattened and you need 4WD) you can have a glimpse about the beautiful landscape there.

Small Lagoon near Denham - Shark Bay - Australia - Drone Photography - travelbees.de
Small Lagoon near Denham - Shark Bay

Big Lagoon

When you enter Francois Peron National Park you are just 15 minutes from the Big Lagoon away. Make sure that you stay there the whole day because the colors change during the day. Every daytime has his own magic. We stayed actually two nights which was wonderful.

Big Lagoon at Francois Peron National Park - Australia - Drone Photography - travelbees.de
Big Lagoon at Francois Peron National Park

Shark Bay

When you drive to or from Denham on Shark Bay Road you will find some great spots. For us the this viewpoint work the most – just a short break but an incredible memory of your journey.

Shark Bay - Australia - West Coast - Dronephotography - travelbees.de
Shark Bay - View from Drone


Right before the small town of Kalbarri you can drive along the Murchison River. There you will find some nice spots with beautiful nature. It’s not yet on the coast of the Indian Ocean but just around the corner and the Murchison is already salty there. With a 4WD car you can take short journey on tricky roads along the river and will enter beautiful sights.

Kalbarri _ Kunbun Brook - From above - Australia - Dronephotography - travelbees.de
Kalbarri _ Kunbun Brook - From above

Pink Lake

The Pink Lake at Gregory looks maybe ordinary at the first sight but from above it takes your breath away. Another short break spot with the potential of a magical moment.

Pink Lake - Gregory - Australia - Dronephotography - travelbees.de
Pink Lake near Gregory

more inspiration from the road trip

And if we couldn’t convince you yet how great the West Coast is you can just drive the roads here and you will get amazing aerials as well. The very special red ground you will find between Geraldton and Denham on the main route.

Red Land - Road Trip - Western Australia - Drone Photography - travelbees.de
Red Land - Road Trip - Western Australia

A little bit more green and softer it’s between Geraldton and Kalbarri. Here you will also find the beautiful Kalbarri National Park which is worth to visit.

West Coast - Australia - Drone Photography - travelbees.de
West Coast - Australia - View from Drone

And the color of the ground switch from red to yellow in the area of the Pinnacles Desert which you will find between Cervantes and Perth. You can easy drive through the Nambung National Park

Pinnacles Desert - National Park - Australia - Dronephotography - travelbees.de
Pinnacles Desert - National Park

Would you drone there? We had a lot of fun while droning in WA. There are a lot of amazing spots – so try it out. It’s also a good playground for beginners because WA isn’t so busy and crowded. Be aware that Australia has strong winds: In our experience it was less windy in the morning than during the day and evenings. So make sure to get up in time.


Do you need more information about our drone experience in WA? No problem, ya – reach out and write us an email.

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  • #1

    HpS (Sonntag, 10 März 2019 11:17)

    Well done and thanks for the spectacular pictures and the motivating texts!

  • #2

    Travelbees - Nils (Donnerstag, 14 März 2019 17:48)

    Dankeschön Hans Peter, es hat wirklich spaß gemacht und wir sind immer noch beeindruckt...
    Grüße aus Abu Dhabi, Nils

  • #3

    Rezolles (Sonntag, 14 April 2019 05:14)


    First of all, I would like to thank you for such amazing writing. I am going to perth next week and just found out about your blog. May I know where is this located ? (Red Land - Road Trip - Western Australia) Because I could not find anywhere in google. Appreciate if you can provide specific location or landmark.


  • #4

    Travelbees - Nils (Dienstag, 07 Mai 2019 10:48)

    Dear Rezolles,
    the place is on the way from Denham back to the West Coast on the main land... We were driving through and had to stop - too amazing to just hurry through...

    Hope you had a good trip,

  • #5

    Eva (Montag, 13 April 2020 22:16)

    Great pics and settings. Where was the red one with the street?
    Best, Eva

  • #6

    Ben (Freitag, 26 März 2021 09:15)

    Awesome drone pictures from Australia, thank you for sharing. Will hopefully go there soon and will take travelbees inspiration with me!

  • #7

    Thomas (Mittwoch, 07 Dezember 2022 20:55)

    How awesome are these pictures!!!
    I love your epic drone pictures of Westaustralia.