07. Dezember 2022
Biking Buenos Aires the awesome way
The capital of Argentina is full of surprises and the best way to explore them is on a bike! Buenos Aires has plenty to offer and is a cultural mega hub of South America. Take a bike tour by the holacratic company ‘Biking Buenos Aires’. The name keeps its promise.
Brazil · 14. Oktober 2022
Here we go again – How the kick-off of the 3rd world tour (mis)succeeded
What again? Yes, we are ready for the world again and are kicking off the third part of our world tour. In this blog post, you'll find out how we managed to do it and where we ended up this time.
26. Februar 2020
Have you ever been in a crater so big that it is hard to see where it ends? Going to the Ngorongoro Conservation Area in Tansania will give you this incredible experience. A crater full of animals living together in mesmerizing scenery. Lions next to Gnus, Pelicans next to Rhinos. We did a Safari to this fairytale place with Mnyalu Safaris
18. Februar 2020
This blog post is about the past and how we can deal with it in the present. Of course we heard about Rwanda before going there. Only thing we heard for a long time was about the Genocide. Here you find out why we should never forget and why you should go to the Memorial Center in Kigali.
02. Februar 2020
The capital of Rwanda is called Kigali. This city is so different to all other cities we have seen in Africa so far. Is Kigali a safe place to visit and should you ask the people about the Genocide in the 90ties? Will Rwanda become the Singapore of Africa? And is it really cleaner here than in other countries in Africa? With these questions we booked our flight to Kigali. In these two blog posts about Kigali you can read all about our insights and experiences.
28. Januar 2020
In this blogpost we will show you why you should go for a weekend getaway from Accra to Ada. In just a very short read you will find out what is special about this place and how it’s the best way to relax there.
24. Januar 2020
In this blog post we want to talk about Christmas at our Muslim, Ghanaian family in Kumasi and with which food we were spoiled here.
17. Januar 2020
Our Ghana time was all about family, as Nils' sister currently lives with her husband and son in Kumasi and as we could met some friends in Accra. So we got a completely different insight into the local life and were able to enjoy real Ghanaian cuisine. Let us take you through local Accra in this first part of our blog posts about Ghana.
31. Dezember 2019
Lagos is energy! It is one of the most vibrant cities we have been to so far. Lagos is the former capital of Nigeria and the biggest city in Africa. Around 20 million people are living here, working here everyday and commuting up to 3 hours per way – each day. You will see really really poor people, really rich as well and from slum to high end everything is present here.
16. Dezember 2019
Our travel continues and this time we enter completely new territory for us, because it goes to Africa. In the next four months we will be at the west and east coast as well as in the south of Africa. We will travel to a total of nine countries and we are already very excited about the new adventure. In this blog post you can read how we succeeded in entering the African continent in Senegal.

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